Godalming Healthcheck Report

About this Report

This report is the culmination of a community led project and brings together the work of five different groups of volunteers - each group has contributed a chapter.

The Market Town Healthcheck methodology consists of a series of worksheets grouped under four headings: "Social & Community", "Transport", "Environment" and "Economy". Under the leadership of a Healthcheck steering group four groups of volunteers formed to tackle each set of worksheets - researching the answers to the questions posed and developing their views as to what those answers meant for Godalming. Early in the process it was apparent that one issue, of particular relevance to Godalming, "Youth", was not adequately covered by any one group and a fifth group was formed to look at issues relating to the town's young people.

Each group has developed a series of action points - actions that, if carried out, would improve some aspect of life in Godalming. These action points are reproduced as "Action Points" in Chapter 6. The actions are aspirational and the list is not prioritised - the volunteers were advised not to worry about potential financial constraints - the only criterion upon which they were advised to exclude projects was whether or not a project would have community support.

Healthcheck Exhibition

Healthcheck Exhibition 2007

Many of the ideas emerging from the healthcheck were tested over the summer of 2007 either by a market research questionnaire sent to 25% of Godalming households or by a public exhibition held at the Wilfrid Noyce Centre.

These potential projects range from small discrete projects which could be set up and implemented quickly (for example the introduction of secure cycle parking at stations which has already been implemented), to some complex projects which require detailed financial evaluation before applications for funding can be submitted (for example creation of a totally inclusive youth venue incorporating an internet caf with counseling and information services in addition to music, arts and drama).

Turning the project ideas into reality through creating and implementing an Action plan will be part of Stage Two of the Healthcheck process. This later stage will involve:

Underlying each chapter are the worksheets and a wealth of other evidence and where possible a cross reference is made, as a footnote, to that evidence - all those footnotes are to be found in the seventh chapter of this report. Nearly all of these endnotes contain a three-digit number in brackets like this: (999). This number refers to the relevant document in the Healthcheck evidence base and that evidence base is published electronically. If you would like a disk containing the complete Healthcheck evidence base (or any individual document) then please contact the Town Clerk, Louise Goodfellow on 01483 523575 or at townclerk@godalming-tc.gov.uk .

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