Godalming Healthcheck Report

6 Action Points

6.1 Following the data collection and widespread consultations, including public meetings and focus groups, a number of project ideas and initiatives have been identified

6.2 These potential projects range from small discrete projects which could be set up and implemented quickly (for example the introduction of secure cycle parking at stations), to some complex projects which will take time and considerable effort to develop into costed proposals for funding applications (for example creation of a totally inclusive youth venue incorporating an internet cafe with counselling and information services in addition to music, arts and drama).

6.3 The potential projects are listed on the following pages - the list is not prioritised. Turning the project ideas into reality through creating and implementing an Action plan will be part of Stage Two of the Healthcheck process. This later stage will involve:



SC.1. To increase the supply of social rented houses

SC.2. To ensure that social rented houses meet the Decent Homes Standard

SC.3. To facilitate the construction of more two to three bedroom houses for the owner occupied and shared ownership sectors

SC.4. To facilitate the provision of a greater variety of housing types for the elderly.

Community Legal Service

SC.5. To create a Community Legal Service


SC.6. To improve the availability of information

SC.7. To create a central information centre

Young People

SC.8. To provide a safe centre in which young people aged 10-16 can meet and to facilitate an appropriate activities programme.

Health Services

SC.9. To provide a drop in clinic for diagnostic and treatment services for mental and sexual health.

SC.10. To provide improved respite care, especially for the mentally ill.

Sports & Leisure Facilities

SC.11. To provide a performance centre in the town centre

SC.12. To rebuild the Godalming Leisure Centre on the current site to provide appropriate sports and leisure facilities for the town


A3100 Corridor

T.1. Widen Bridge Road or build a parallel route close to the south-west side.

T.2. Traffic calm the A3100 from Meadrow to Shackstead Lane

T.3. Make crossing the A3100 easier for pedestrians and cyclists.

T.4. Make crossing of areas such as Bridge Road easier for pedestrians.

Transport Integration

T.5. Integrate bus and train services.

T.6. Create an integrated ticket structure for public transport.

T.7. Implement a pre-payment card for public transport.

T.8. Enable full-size cycles to be carried on trains and buses.

Coach Services

T.9. Create a long distance coach stop in Godalming.

Rail and Bus Services

T.10. Improve evening and Sunday public transport services.

T.11. Improve frequency of rail services throughout the week.

T.12. Introduce a direct bus service from Godalming to the Royal Surrey Hospital.

T.13. Encourage bus operators to use buses with the minimum environmental impact.

T.14. Introduce a local shuttle bus.

T.15. Ensure that the Catteshall Mill Medical Practice has a frequent and reliable bus service.

T.16. Provide more bus shelters and introduce real time service indicators.

T.17. Improve parking at both rail stations for cars and cycles.

T.18. Improve phone services for taxis at both stations and the town centre.

Private Cars

T.19. Improve car park charging methods

T.20. Provide more on-street and long-stay parking

T.21. Create incentives for car clubs.

T.22. Create residents' parking schemes where appropriate.

T.23. Encourage Waverley to improve the take-up of its employee transport plan

Information and Signing

T.24. Make timetable information easy to find.

T.25. Create a new community centre in the heart of Godalming.

T.26. Improve destination signing for pedestrians.


T.27. Implement pedestrian priority all week in Godalming, with a bus hub in Crown Court.

T.28. Use pavement build-outs to create safer streets and parking areas where appropriate.

T.29. Improve maintenance of pavements.


T.30. Use cycle-friendly measures when traffic calming is implemented.

T.31. Implement the Marshall Road cycle route scheme in Farncombe

T.32. Create a circular cycle route around Godalming and Farncombe.

T.33. Introduce secure cycle parking at the stations.

T.34. Improve cycle parking at typical destinations.

Disabled Access

T.35. Implement disabled parking in Farncombe.

T.36. Implement disabled access to buildings wherever possible.

Street Design

T.37. Adopt a policy of a 20 mph limit in residential areas.

T.38. Implement missing dropped and flush kerb provision.

T.39. Manage traffic speeds by degrading sight lines for vehicles.

T.40. Improve access for wheelchair, pedestrian and cycle users to Godalming station.


Waste Management

EN.1. Increase the recycling of cardboard either by providing a door-to-door collection service or by increasing the number of bring points in the Town to include at least one in Farncombe/Binscombe and one on Ockford Ridge.

EN.2. Provide additional support to the Plastic Bag Free Godalming campaign

EN.3. Install bins to enable shoppers to deposit of plastic packaging with the retailer

EN.4. Encourage businesses to prioritise the recycling of their waste.

Town Scene

EN.5. Tackle broken/worn street furniture and signage throughout the town

EN.6. Review the signage for visitors to the town

EN.7. Tackle litter and graffiti hot-spots

EN.8. Extend Pedestrian Priority scheme in Godalming High Street (see also T27)


EN.9. Draw up a containment and management plan for the Himalayan Balsam on the Lammas Lands


Retail Economy

EC.1. Improve footfall in retail shopping streets, particularly Godalming High Street through a range of initiatives including:

EC.2. Improve car parking for shoppers (see T.19 & T.20 above).

EC.3. Employ a Town Centre Manager to manage town centre events and to liaise with retailers.


Y.1. Encourage the use of existing venues for live music, discos and other events. A simple strategy should be developed to encourage and facilitate local groups and individuals who propose to organize public events for families and young people. Information and advice would be available on logistical planning, funding and legal matters.

Y.2. To seek funding for Teen Shelters and to involve young people in a project to choose their location and design.

Y.3. To implement these plans in consultation with the local community.

Y.4. To establish a working group comprising young people, youth workers, local churches' representatives and parents to enter into a joint venture with the Trinity Trust Team to develop their concept of a totally inclusive youth venue incorporating an internet caf with counseling and information services in addition to music, arts and drama.

Y.5. To develop a fully costed and prioritised Action Plan for its implementation

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