Meeting Notes 13 Nov 2009

Notes from the meeting held at 18.30 on Friday 13th November, in the Wilfred Noyce Centre.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the formation of a Community Interest Company (CIC) as the implementation vehicle for the Godalming Healthcheck.

Attended by: - Louise Goodfellow (Chair,) Diane O Keafe, Helen Stoney, Bernard Jones, Margaret Jones, Brian Albery, Jane Thomson, Giles Pattison, Terry Broomfield, Chris Meeks, Steve Cosser, Gerri McManus, Hammy Sparks, Steven Haines, Ledi Lochner, Anthony Garcia, Alec McCalden.

Points for discussion: -

Copies of the Draft Articles of Association for the Community Interest Company were circulated at the meeting.

It was agreed in principle that: -

Next steps: -

It was agreed that Louise Goodfellow should progress the final drafting of the Articles of Association and the next meeting to be arranged when this has been completed.

End of meeting.